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What I Learned at AMA’s State of Marketing Event

By Lisa Joachim, AMA Philadelphia Volunteer

Why did I attend the AMA Philadelphia event – The State of Marketing? Several reasons:

  1. Networking – meeting new people
  2. Talking to fellow social group about what is going on in marketing (new trends) – and beyond
  3. Catching up with some old friends

The event started presenting the award for the Mover & Shaker in Philadelphia’s marketing world. It was rousing to hear the nominees and why they were nominated – all well deserving. This is an award that should be celebrated because you are nominated from your peers and colleagues. Do you want to see the winner
– check out the AMA Philadelphia release.

What is going on in marketing?

The expert panel – Jim Lenskold, Elizabeth Emmons, Allen Plummer and Eric Keiles provided their valuable insight and experience on how digital marketing has changed. One thing that has not changed – the right message, right person and the right time is important to reach the audience effectively and efficiently.

Some key takeaways include:

  • Focus more on strategy and not tactics
  • Understand the buyers journey – from click to close
  • Storytelling matters
  • Social media is learning more towards different functions like Human Resource; Customer Service (communicating positive and negative experiences and responses); and Advertising
  • Is social media being measured accurately? How do companies know it is measuring ROI?
  • Focus on the audience, if fundamentals aren’t there, social media won’t help

If you missed this event, I recommend you attend the next one! Why? You’ll get to:

  • Meet some remarkable new people in different industries and hear their career journeys;
  • Listen to all the professionals in the room on their views of where is marketing and where it is going was very insightful; and
  • Get a chance to talk to some old friends and colleagues and hearing how they are doing!

Do you want to read more? Check out the overview on LinkedIn written by another attendee, Michael Wood.

And, keep an eye out for upcoming events in AMA Philadelphia’s next program year!