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The Executive Circle Breakfast Is Back: Here’s Why You Need to Go

American Marketing Association Philadelphia invites Greater Philadelphia and Delaware Valley mid-career to senior marketing executives to participate in a delicious Executive Circle Breakfast (ECB) while engaging in high-level conversations to glean valuable insights and strategies from seasoned marketing experts. 

There is no selling before, during, or after, just a chance to join the lively discussion, exchange ideas, ask questions, and gather useful information to inform decision-making. It’s also an opportunity to meet your next potential business partner or grow your network.

What Is the Executive Circle Breakfast and Why Is It Popular?

The Executive Circle Breakfast is not like typical marketing conferences that simply present material and answer questions at the very end. This intimate, relaxed setting provides many opportunities to engage in a dialogue, exchange ideas, share insights and relevant experiences, and learn from peers and expert panelists. It has led to business collaborations.

This single-topic series is designed for mid-career marketers to enhance their personal and professional skills and industry knowledge to advance their organizational goals and keep pace with the rapid rate of change in today’s business climate.

Innovative marketing researchers share proven strategies and insights gained from their target audiences that led to greater success for their marketing campaigns, products, services, designs, strategies, tactics, and customer support.

Attendees learn from industry experts

  • The state of market research and how it informs strategic planning and tactical implementation.
  • How market research impacts choices of channel, message, purchasing decisions, and brand loyalty.
  • Multiple kinds of marketing research that include online and offline qualitative and ethnographic research.

How Did the Executive Circle Breakfast Begin?

The program started seven years ago, in response to a discussion with key members about their need to gain a deeper understanding of market research, how to navigate common challenges in implementing and conducting effective market research, and how to prove the value of qualitative research.

The goal is to deliver an in-person panel-style program appealing to marketers at all levels.

These marketers benefit the most:

  • In-house research teams and marketing agencies.
  • Small marketing departments that need to outsource research.
  • Mid to senior marketing executives and marketing managers in B2B and B2C who make decisions based on market research and would benefit from insights into current trends and strategies.

Common market research challenges addressed:

  • Understanding the critical role of market research in shaping strategic and tactical plans. 
  • Effectively integrating market research insights to enhance decision-making, boost confidence, and increase the overall efficacy of marketing leaders.
  • Implementing and executing market research.
  • Ensuring market research feedback is timely and actionable for product teams.
  • Selecting and fully leveraging different types of market research.

What AMA Philadelphia Attendees Say

Her perspective shifted and eyes were opened.

“Once Melissa walked us through the process of how to identify and know who specifically your key buyers are, and then mapping out how to reach, I realized there’s a lot of content that needs to be created to reach different audiences. That got me thinking about where we don’t have enough content and how I can get it.”

Stephanie Cabral, Client Solutions Manager at Robert Half 

Digital marketers are always upskilling.

“I’ve led teams in digital advertising for years, so I like to constantly learn anything I can from other experts in their fields. One thing that stood out to me during the discussion was something Ben’s clients ask their dissatisfied customers to get better feedback. He says, ‘Tell me something that I don’t want to hear.’”

Teava Noy, Founder of Tier One Growth

Obtaining new resources.

“I teach marketing and international business at Temple University Fox School of Business and came to this event to learn things that I can incorporate into my classes. I also am an advisor to the Temple University AMA chapter, which has about 200 student members, for whom the content at this event is also pertinent.”

Jim Thompson, VP, Collegiate Relations & Engagement for AMA Philadelphia, and Professor of Practice, Temple University Fox School of Business 

Ready to join us for a morning of insights and discussions on the future of market research in 2024 at our Executive Circle Breakfast?