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Grow your personal and professional network exponentially by becoming an active member of AMA Philadelphia today.

For over six decades, the American Marketing Association has been the source for career development, networking, and knowledge sharing among leading marketing professionals. It’s time you got involved and joined the 38,000 members worldwide and nearly 500 local AMA members throughout the Greater Delaware Valley.



  • A powerful local network of more than 500 marketers
  • Discounts to local, national, and virtual events
  • FREE registration to Special Interest Groups
  • Career and volunteer opportunities to enhance your resume
  • Professional development and mentor/mentee opportunities


  • Access to AMA Career Resource Center, featuring hundreds of marketing job postings, career tips and strategies, interview and resume guidelines, and more
  • Access to members-only thought leadership material, webinars, articles, and research
  • Subscription to an AMA marketing publication of your choice
  • AMA Marketer’s Toolkit, full of interactive templates, tools, and resources to help you succeed
  • Program discounts to first-rate marketing training
  • National networking opportunities through AMA’s directory of 30,000+ members

Questions? Contact our Vice President of Membership, Debra Lipenta Michael.

Membership inquiries only, please.

Choose the Right Fit for You!

The AMA offers multiple types of memberships, with our most popular options listed below:

  • Professional:
  • Young Professional:
    Available for 3 years after completing undergraduate degree.
  • Student:
    Available to full-time students not currently employed in full-time professional position. Limited to 5 years.
  • Group:
    Available to four or more individuals in the same organization or parent company (learn more here.)
    4-9 members: : $255
    10+ members: $230