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Tips to Leverage Social Media in B2B Campaigns: A Recap

Tips to Leverage Social Media in B2B Campaigns

On Tuesday, June 13, 2023, over a delicious breakfast, an expert-led interactive discussion delivered key strategies and techniques on ways for digital marketers to accelerate their ROI in social media — especially for B2B campaigns.

AMA Philadelphia President Matt Roberts moderated the event with guest experts Melissa Goldstein, President of One Part Social and Ben Yurchak, President of KnowClick, two savvy marketing experts delivering stellar results for their B2B and B2C clients.

Here’s a recap of the experts’ advice for going from good to better with social media:

Melissa, who specializes in social media management, generating campaigns to drive website traffic, building brand awareness for new businesses, and expanding reach with organic and paid campaigns, offered several key tactics.

Some specific ways to understand how clients are interacting with your brand, their behaviors, and motivations:

    • Use Google Analytics to delve deeply into who’s engaging with your content and who’s following you on social and all first party data.
    • Create fully-dimensional buyer personas — and to keep them evergreen using engagement data across various points and platforms.
    • Build a test-and-learn culture that emphasizes ongoing refinement based on carefully planned data gathering and analysis that can fuel innovations in target audience engagement.

Ben also provided key insights into his team’s approach, where the focus is on measuring initiatives and optimization.

Social media tips for measuring initiatives and finding opportunities for optimization include:

    • Going across channels to gain a deeper understanding, using a user-centric approach to surface an audience’s thinking and apparent priorities.
    • Delving deeply into how attitudes can be changed, in order to understand where to allocate the budget to measurably improve outcomes.
    • Keeping an intentional balance between existing customers and those who got away.

Matt also injected some of his direct experience into the discussion. He stressed that “many marketers overlook or underestimate the energy put into their customer personas, yet it is the bedrock to understanding how to gear your messaging, your value proposition,  and where and how to reach your targeted audience.”

He also reminded the attendees that, “When you’re thinking about social and about messaging, you should be targeting the influencer, decision maker, and the purchasing agent because in B2B marketing that’s critical and a very common pitfall. It’s where the selling process breaks down — not accounting for these other contributors to the buyer decision process.”

Matt concluded the discussion with the reminder that, “If all you know about your ideal customers is what the sales team is telling you, then you’re looking at the iceberg from 30,000 feet. The job of a marketer is to understand what’s below the water line, which the salesperson doesn’t necessarily know and can’t see until the relationship is sufficiently developed.”

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Her perspective shifted and eyes were opened.

“Once Melissa walked us through the process of how to identify and know who specifically your key buyers are, and then mapping out how to reach them (especially if you have many different types of buyers), I realize there’s a lot of content that needs to be created to reach different audiences. That got me thinking about where we don’t have enough content and how I can get it.”
Stephanie Cabral, Client Solutions Manager at Robert Half 

Digital marketers are always upskilling.

“I just co-founded a company. I’ve led teams in digital advertising for years, so I like to constantly learn anything I can from other experts in their fields. One thing that stood out to me during the discussion was something Ben’s clients ask their dissatisfied customers to get better feedback. He says, ‘Tell me something that I don’t want to hear.’ I wish there was more time to delve deeper, so I’ll have to reach out to Ben and Melissa. I’m not a member yet but looking to join.”

Teava Noy, Founder of Tier One Growth

Obtaining new resources.

“I teach marketing and international business at Temple University Fox School of Business and came to this event to learn things that I can incorporate into my classes. I also am an advisor to the Temple University AMA chapter, which has about 200 student members, for whom the content at this event is also pertinent.”

Jim Thompson, VP, Collegiate Relations & Engagement for AMA Philadelphia, and Professor of Practice, Temple University Fox School of Business 


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