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How Marketing Continues to Create New and Important Cultural Breakthroughs

Brian Cavallucci is the Associate Director of Advertising at Subaru of America in Camden, NJ, and has once again joined the Superbowl Smackdown as one of our three panelists! In his twenty-plus years of experience in the automotive industry and marketing, he’s looking to see what commercials can overcome the noise to become widely talked about and how electric vehicle advertising will continue to evolve to gain prospective buyers.

Headshot of Brian Cavallucci
Brian Cavallucci, Associate Director, Advertising at Subaru

What Ads Become a Cultural Standpoint

Every Superbowl has breakthrough commercials like “Hey Kid, Catch” Coca-Cola from 1980 featuring “Mean” Joe Greene, the “Budweiser Frogs” ad from 1995, and more.

Cavallucci is always interested to see what commercials rise to the top and become a cultural phenomenon, be it snacks, beer, movies, and how technology companies choose to showcase their products. For instance, Google recently released an ad informing people of a tech solution that improved the skin tone color being shown on screen. This is a brilliant solution that helped real people and was unexpected.

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One aspect that Cavallucci believes was very interesting during the Super Bowl were the political ads. We’re heading into an election year, and advertising will be impacted. No matter where you watch, broadcast television or streaming, you’ll see a lot of it.

Electric Vehicle Advertising Continues to Expand

It’s an interesting time in the automotive industry. Consumer adoption for Electric Vehicles (EV) is still low but it’s growing momentum. Cavallucci anticipates seeing even more EV advertising during the Super Bowl, as we did last year and the year before. We’ll see an uptick of advertising on broadcast channels and streaming services, but even at events like the recent Philadelphia Auto Show manufacturers are promoting EVs.

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For now, we’ll see a big disconnect between the amount of advertising and media that you’ll see versus the level of consumer adoption. But eventually, we’ll see the adoption rate rise quickly. Cavallucci mentioned that the challenge is finding the right promotion balance within certain channels to reach people who are buying, considering buying, and not quite ready to adopt yet, and maybe even those not considering buying. This could be true for a variety of industries, as well. There are lots of options for advertising in the context of the marketing landscape.

Panelist Brian Cavallucci is the Associate Director of Advertising at Subaru of America in Camden, NJ. He has twenty-plus years of experience in the automotive industry, with a broad-based background in all areas of marketing, sales, training, customer service, community service, public relations, and public speaking. His team does all of the creative output in three areas – vehicles, giving back initiatives, and branding. He’s also a die-hard Eagles fan!

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