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Getting Your Social Media Marketing Right

As an executive marketer developing a social media plan, you’ve got questions!

  •  What are some of the biggest myths surrounding social media for marketing?
  • Is it possible to over-post? Under-post?  What is the best practice for me?
  • Am I falling into the common trap of marketers of focusing too much on sales? 
  • Why does this happen and how can this be avoided?
  • How important is engagement and how can I measure it?

We’re Hosting an Event That Can Help You Boost Your Social Media ROI

On June 13, Melissa Goldstein, Founder of One Part Social and Ben Yurchak, Founder and President of KnowClick, are panelists and who will answer these questions and more at AMA Philadelphia’s Executive Circle Breakfast: “Insider Methods to Unlock the Magic of Social Media in 2023.”  Not only are they both very knowledgeable and experienced in the area of social media marketing, they both produce fantastic results for their clients in an area that many of us are still learning to navigate.

“One myth that I see among our clients is that social marketing is going to be an overnight success for them. Which it isn’t,” explained Melissa. “It’s a long game to build a following: to get those clients to know, love, and trust you.”

I myself am copywriting and executing the strategic planning for companies in real estate related fields. In my short conversation with them, I learned that there are tactics, strategies, and best practices that can be universally applied and ones that I can use to tailor to meet my own particular niche.

“We have a lot of experience in measuring performance of social media, particularly with traffic being driven to a website. Don’t look at clicks,” said Ben. “You have got to look at and measure engagement. Look at those that actually engaged with your experience. This shows you really connected with them, and they spent the time. Then you look at which campaigns in your social media are really driving the engagement.”

After speaking with both of them, I came away with specifics to apply for myself. But don’t take my word for it — come and learn for yourself!  You‘ll get effective advice from experts who know how to maximize social channel ROI, and strategies you can implement immediately. Join us! 

Please note: This event is for marketing professionals who lead or manage marketing teams. This event is not open to students or professionals who are not currently managing or supervising marketing teams.

Register soon, space is limited!