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AMA Philadelphia Launches ‘Executive Circle’ Membership and Breakfast Series

Bernie Clark, President-Elect, AMA Philadelphia

AMA Philadelphia is excited to announce the recent launch of a new, exclusive membership category called Executive Circle – providing private networking and programming opportunities among other national benefits for our most senior members.

This initiative was made possible by the strategic acquisition of another national organization last year called the Marketing Executives Networking Group (MENG), which consisted of one thousand senior marketing executives who range from VPs to CMOs of major companies and brands across the nation.  In Philadelphia, this meant we added approximately 35 senior marketers overnight to our membership roster!  The question then was what next… to add value for both these new members and the 60+ other senior marketers already among our ranks?

Well, I’m pleased to report that we held our first breakfast event earlier this spring consisting of a cross-section of senior AMA members, MENG acquisition members and special guests – who were asked to help us design programming that addressed the concerns and opportunities that CMO’s face across industry in our region.  Not only did we “sell-out” this first breakfast, but also learned a great deal from participants about the many challenges they and their companies face reaching, understanding and effectively marketing to customers in an increasingly digital world.  These and other issues have become the basis of discussion topics we will address at our upcoming meetings.

In many ways, AMA’s Executive Circle has been a shot of adrenaline for our organization – helping us to define and create programming for marketers at each stage of their career.  And I’m confident our Executive Circle members have much to share with the rest of our organization – from thought leadership and potential speakers, to networking and mentoring opportunities!

Please also note that eligible, senior AMA members can request a free upgrade to Executive Circle.  More information on the benefits, requirements and application process are available on our website here.