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How Linkody Hacked Customer Retention

Retention, huh? It’s like interviewing for a job and getting to the last stage of the interviews — just to realize it’s not going to happen. We spend money on getting people to our website, visitors spend eight seconds on the page and 98% will never return. Boy, that hurts…

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Why Segmentation is Vital to Your Marketing Success

When I say “segmentation” with regards to marketing, what comes to mind for you? Chances are, you immediately think of email segmentation. Segmenting your emails is crucial to improving your customer engagement and conversion rate. But although emails are the most widely talked about segmentation type, there are countless others.…

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AMA Philadelphia Announces 2017-2018 Board of Directors

Philadelphia, PA – The Philadelphia Chapter of the American Marketing Association announced its board of directors for the 2017-2018 term. This leadership team is focused on key strategic goals to support the organization’s mission to build a strong and supportive marketing community for professionals of all levels in the greater…

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