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Three Digital Marketing Certifications That Are Actually Worth Your Time

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During these crazy times, many young professionals, are grasping at all the content they can to hone in on fundamental digital marketing skills. Whether you just graduated, or you’re trying to find the perfect internship, it can be intimidating to enter the workforce as a young professional. Arming yourself with the basic knowledge will not only grow your confidence as a marketing professional, but also spark curiosity to dive in deeper and unlock your passions. 


Digital marketing can mean a lot of different things, so first it is important to identify the specific skills within the category that will help you succeed early in your career. After understanding what skills are needed, it’s time to dive into learning. But, with so many virtual skill shops, certifications, and blog content, it can be overwhelming to weed through what is worth your time. So I’ve compiled a list of the three best certifications based on reviews & experience that will help young marketers get the fundamental understanding they need to land their perfect job.


Google Skill Shop

With 70000 Google searches each second, understanding Google’s suite of tools is essential for every marketer. At no cost to enroll, Google Skill Shop is the perfect starting point for young marketers. With over 10 different certifications, Google Skill Shop dives into the fundamentals of each part of the Google platform. For aspiring retail marketers, Google ads and Google shopping ads are great places to start. And for the marketers looking to hone in on their analytical skills, Google Analytics Academy is for you. No matter which certification you choose to go with, Skill Shop is the perfect learning console to teach you to think like a marketer. And with engaging videos and content, Google makes the training worth your time. 


Hubspot Certifications

Hubspot certifications are a one stop shop for a well rounded marketer. With 12 different certifications, Hubspot will keep you up to date on the latest marketing trends. Learn how to develop consistent strategic content by taking the content marketing certification, or learn how to run strong sales calls that drive positive results in the inbound sales certification. As a globally recognized company, these certifications are likely to stick out on your resume. The best part, this is another free option!


American Marketing Association Digital Marketing Certification 

As one of the largest marketing associations in the world, American Marketing Association developed a certification that gives marketers the ability to develop confidence and skills to drive your career forward. By partnering with the Digital Marketing Institute, any professional that completes the course will become dually certified with AMA & DMI. There are two options – digital marketing pro and expert – that provide 30-120 hours of training content. These courses are perfect for marketers of varying experience to hone in on their skills and stay up to date on the latest marketing trends. Topics in these two certifications range from paid advertising, to search engine optimization, and digital marketing strategies. 


Pro Tip: As an AMA member, you can take the certifications for a reduced price! Check out membership details here


These three certifications are a great starting point to navigate the ever changing world of marketing. Some other honorable certification mentions include Facebook Blueprint Certifications, Hootsuite Social Media Marketing Certification, and SEMrush SEO Toolkit Course


In a world where competition is high, these certifications are bound to help you stand out. Are there any other certifications you’ve taken lately that you found valuable as a marketer? Let us know in the comments below!