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Three Marketing Trends To Look Out For In 2021

There’s no denying that 2020 threw us for a loop, which leaves a lot of ambiguity when predicting what is to come in 2021. 2020 came with challenges at every corner with no playbook to adjust to market conditions. Through the hard times came adaptation and new consumer trends that will shape what is to come in the new year. While I’m sure many new trends will arise from this COVID-era, here are three to keep an eye on.


Hybrid Events

Not only is this trend COVID friendly, but it’s cost effective too. Right now virtual is a necessity, but there will come a time where creating hybrid events satisfy both worlds. Whether it’s a sales kickoff, conference, or trade show, making your event hybrid will allow more inclusivity. Not only will attendees be able to choose whether they are comfortable traveling, but it will also benefit the host by allowing them the flexibility to choose a small event space. The key to a successful virtual event will include a great streaming partner, engaging content that not only involves in person attendees, but also the virtual ones, and a successful marketing strategy to reach two different audiences. Need more of a step-by-step to set up your next hybrid event? Check out this article by cvent to learn more!


Influencer Marketing

63% of consumers trust influencers’ opinions of products much more than what brands say about themselves, which makes influencer marketing a must add to your 2021 strategy. Influencers range from micro to celebrities, allowing brands with small or large budgets to get their foot in the social media influencer space. A micro influencer is typically someone with less than 100k followers on their social media accounts. While they won’t have as large of a following as a celebrity does, they tend to have more engagement on their posts as well as dedicated followers. In fact, Glossier’s rise to success involved hundreds of micro influencers that embodied real women using their products. Their ambassador program now has over 500 women who are paid in free products. Check out more successful micro influencer use cases here.


Connected TV (CTV) Advertising 

The streaming industry is fast growing, especially in times where people are staying home with less to do. In fact, the industry as a whole grew by almost 100% from 2019. While traditional tv advertising isn’t yet a thing of the past, connected tv is a new space advertisers will want to dig their heels into because it is less expensive and has the potential to reach a lot of consumers. CTV also provides more real-time metrics such as impressions, click throughs, and view throughs, compared to traditional TV buys. Additionally, CTV provides flexibility in your target audience. Unlike traditional TV buys, your audience is based on demographic data that you as the advertiser chooses, not based on the content that is airing on tv. Strong performance for a CTV campaign will require creative and engaging video content to generate brand awareness and ad recall. 


2020, despite its setbacks, has lead us into a whole new digital world full of new opportunities for marketers. We have learned to be resilient through tough times and get creative with the cards that were dealt to us in an all virtual environment. There is no doubt that 2021 will be another exciting year of new and innovative approaches to how we market our brands.


Are you eyeing any other 2021 marketing trends? Let us know in the comments below!