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American Marketing Association Philadelphia - Answers in Action™

Our Collegiate Relations Committee assists students, faculty, employers and organizations in learning about the many opportunities in the rapidly evolving Marketing profession.  We provide a range of opportunities for students and graduates in all stages of their career.  Contact us if you are a…

Student or Faculty member:

  • Looking for career guidance, help with a job or internship search
  • Interested in learning more about marketing as a career
  • Interested in starting an AMA chapter on your campus
  • A chapter leader looking for ways to engage with the Philadelphia AMA
  • Interested in learning about how the professional chapter can assist you or your students

Employer, Company or Organization:

  • Interested in hiring a marketing student or graduate
  • Interested in setting up an internship program or finding a student intern
  • Interested in raising your brand recognition among marketing students and educators
  • Interested in supporting the AMA

Programs & Partnerships

Collegiate chapter members are welcome at most AMA Philadelphia programs and events.  Discounts on events are available to students for most events.

The Super Bowl Smackdown, one of our chapter’s signature events, encourages collegiate chapter members to show their school spirit!  Our version of this gridiron tradition rewards the college chapter with the largest attendance with an on-campus program (typically in late Winter or Spring) that includes:

  • Presentation by our chapter officers
  • A job seeking workshop
  • A resume lab with professionals providing 1-on-1 advising and critiques

The 2019 winner is Saint Joseph’s University!


Get on the inside track to get your career on track.  Collegiate chapter members are encouraged to volunteer with the professional chapter.  There’s no better way to build your personal brand with marketing professionals.

Contact Jenna Armato, Vice President, to learn more.

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