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January’s AMA Volunteer Spotlight: Email Marketing Director, Katherine Patterson

Hello to AMA Philadelphia's volunteer spotlight

We are well underway in 2020 here at AMA Philadelphia and with another month that passes, another Volunteer Spotlight emerges!

Our mission is to prepare today’s marketers for tomorrow’s opportunities by providing connections, empowerment, and education. There’s a marketer here that embodies this vision and stands out from the rest in her dedication to hone her craft and grow her career while building up the rest of the team. That’s why January’s Volunteer Spotlight of the month goes to Katherine Patterson, Email Marketing Director!

Learn more about our email expert so that the next time AMA Philadelphia sends you a message, you’ll know the person behind the copy!

AMA Philadelphia: Where is one place you’ve always wanted to vacation to and why?

Katherine: Definitely Hawaii because I would love to see the different islands, different color beaches, volcanoes, culture, and I have always loved going to the ocean.

AMA: What is your favorite Disney movie and why?

K: I will always love Beauty and the Beast because it has been my favorite since I was a kid, but honestly the (somewhat) newer Disney movies have really caught my eye. I have re-watched Frozen and Tangled too many times to count!

AMA: Who is your favorite music artist?

K: I think it is a tie between Halsey and Twenty One Pilots. I have been a fan of Twenty One Pilots a bit longer and have seen them more times in concert. But recently I have been listening to Halsey more often because she just dropped her new album.

AMA: What are some of your hobbies?

K: Skiing is my all-time favorite thing to do—it has been since I was seven years old when I first got on the slopes and it’s a whole family affair. I just went in mid-January for the first time this season. I have skied in the Poconos, North Jersey, New Hampshire, and I’ve even been lucky enough to go to the French Alps (twice!).

AMA: What is your alma mater?

K: Rowan University

AMA: Do you have a professional role model? If so, who and why?

K: I would have to say that my professional role model is my dad. He has worked at his current company for 26 years, and worked his way up from an Engineer to the Global Vice President of IT. My dad is hardworking, highly dedicated, never cuts corners, and continues to develop his knowledge. Watching him excel in his career is what motivated me to be diligent, always perform my best, and continue to work at improving my skill sets.

AMA: What is your proudest professional accomplishment?

K: At this point I am extremely proud of myself for landing a professional job shortly after college. I think that working at the University of Pennsylvania, in both Education and Healthcare, is a great place to be starting my career.

AMA: As the AMA’s Email Marketing Director, what email tools do you like most?

K: Constant Contact is a great tool for email marketing. I like that it allows you to easily copy templates when creating new emails. It also lets you preview emails in both desktop and mobile views, as well as send test emails to make sure everything looks right.

AMA: What does this AMA recognition mean to you?

K: I am immensely grateful and proud of this recognition. It means a great deal to be acknowledged and for my work to be appreciated. AMA has given me so much, and I am looking forward to continuing to support and promote their development. I am very proud to be featured as this month’s volunteer spotlight.

AMA: What interested you to join the AMA Philadelphia Chapter?

K: I was initially looking to volunteer with an organization because it was taking some time for me to find a job in my field after graduating. I was missing that exposure to marketing that I had when I was in school. After researching AMA, I knew this would be the perfect place for me. Their aim to empower and prepare marketers motivated me to want to be a part of such a driven team.

AMA: Tell us your favorite story with your involvement in AMA.

K: My favorite part of my involvement with AMA was when I was given the opportunity to step up from Email Marketing Associate to Email Marketing Director when the former director stepped down. I was excited to accept the challenge and I have thoroughly enjoyed planning, creating, and sending out emails to promote AMA.

AMA: Why would you recommend someone to join their local AMA chapter?

K: My experience so far has been extremely rewarding. I never realized how much I needed the empowerment that AMA provided. They supported and helped me advance my marketing skills while encouraging me to grow professionally at networking events. I would recommend anyone to join their local AMA chapter regardless of the stage they are at in their career. You can only benefit!

Thanks Katherine! Great meeting you and congratulations on being this month’s AMA Volunteer Spotlight!