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Volunteer Opportunities: Marketing Leadership Series

Leader – Event Experience Design and Planning
You “own” the event experience planning, which means you have a clear vision of what experience you want for your audience at the event and how to ensure they get the most value for the time spent at the event – You think of fun ideas such as raffling coupons for local businesses at the event. You know the program schedule and plan the day of with care. You think of speaker and sponsor needs. You think of parking and all little things that affect the experience. You will be responsible for creating a “wow” factor for the audience as measured through event satisfaction score.

VP-Elect Marketing Leadership Series
Demonstrates the drive needed to be elected as the successor for the program in 2017-18. You’d have served in a combination role of Director and Leader role for at least one or more MLS programs (ideally for the Fall season). You are optimistic, emotionally intelligent, and a people person. You’d have booked or tried sourcing speakers during the MLS season. You don’t shy away from getting your hands dirty and do the leg work when needed as you are invested in the program success. You are a go-getter! You will be measured on the team performance, quality of programs, speakers booked, and event success.

MLS Special Projects
Serves as a historic data or knowledge keeper, maintains MLS data and folders in a central location, helps with researching and creating direct mail campaign contact lists, aligned in SWAT teams and other special tasks when needed. You are organized and love putting things in order.

Director of Marketing Leadership Series (monthly)
You “own” the success of the program for the month you choose by orchestrating all leaders and initiatives. You are the master of ceremony and you have the bird’s eye view of the program plan of every leader. You serve as the conductor on the day of. You plan to the minutest detail and ensure all activities are
executed in timely fashion as per the deadline. You are accountable for the event attendance and event satisfaction scores.

Leader – Integrated Marketing
You source speakers. You put in the ground work needed by Marcom team such as the base content through speaker interviews for the program plan that feeds into other channels. You partner with MarComm and MLS Product Marketing Managers to plan the event promotions for all channels – websites, email, social, PR, industry affiliations, and so on. You have a solid marketing background and knowledge. You are a strategic thinker and invest in how to promote events for free, but also how to utilize paid channels if there is ROI and make recommendations. You invest efforts in focused execution by partnering with MarComm and are responsible for event attendance (ticket sales).

Leader – Data, Insights & Technology
You set up post event research design and survey tracking mechanism. You will report on trends, satisfaction scores, and key insights generated through the measurement. You are great with marketing tools and technology such as Google Analytics. You oversee other marketing technology needs with regards to website and email. You will be measured on awesome insights you are able to provide that will differentiate us in the industry.

Thought Leader – Marketing Leadership Series
You are a thinker and known to generate ideas. You LOVE the world of marketing. You immerse yourself in understanding the latest trends and are digitally savvy. You are an expert researcher and can think of ways to uncover new connections – with journalists, speakers or anything programming. You research Philadelphia market, local and national speakers, target segment, topics, panel ideas and continuous think of ways to offer better, premium content to program attendees. You create our programming differentiators.

Leader – Strategic Partnerships
Marketing Leadership Series –You understand the product (MLS) and research ways to bring in partners to help with cost savings and in-kind event sponsorships. You also partner with Sponsorship Chair in specific asks made by event sponsors. You continuously research who might be interested in sponsoring MLS programs and pass on “warm” leads to the Sponsorship team. You may accompany the sponsorship chairs when needed to meet with the sponsors, so you are an awesome salesperson and can negotiate a smooth deal by selling the MLS benefits. You also maintain the sponsorship-MLS document.

If you are interested in a position that’s posted or in volunteering with the Marketing Leadership Series committee, please contact AMA Philadelphia.