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December’s AMA Volunteer Spotlight: Social Media Director, Christine Telling

Social Media AMA Volunteer Spotlight

The saying, “do what you love and love what you do”, is at the heart of all AMA volunteers. We put in the time after hours for AMA in the name of marketing—finding that perfect marriage between the analytical, left brain and the creative, right brain.

That’s why we are starting something new. Since all participation is elective, we are going to highlight an AMA Philadelphia volunteer who goes that extra mile every month. They give life to the AMA vision: to prepare today’s marketers for tomorrow’s opportunities by providing connections, empowerment, and education.

This couldn’t be more true for our Social Media Director, Christine Telling. Always eager to roll up her sleeves, she manages AMA Philadelphia’s social media presence so that all events, latest posts, and industry trends are promoted. Do yourself a favor and follow us (her) on these accounts!

So let’s spotlight Christine and learn more about the person behind the social media genius!

AMA Philadelphia: What is your favorite vacation spot?

Christine: I really enjoy the mountains in the winter and I love to snowboard. Jackson Hole, Wyoming is my favorite wintertime getaway spot.

AMA: What is your favorite food?

C: Can’t go wrong with tacos or nachos! But I love all types of food. I’m part of a dinner club that meets once a month to try new restaurants in Philadelphia.

AMA: Who is your favorite music artist?

C: I listen to music in phases depending upon the season or activity. 80s or 90s on a road trip and then I usually get on a reggae kick in the summer, etc.

AMA: Are you more of a TV show fanatic or movie buff?

C: Movie buff for sure. Who doesn’t love a good Romcom or drama?

AMA: What is your alma mater?

C: Cabrini College.

AMA: Do you have a professional role model? If so, who and why?

C: I’m a big proponent of personal and professional development. I tend to nerd-out about anything related to motivation, exploration, growth, inspiration, self-help, etc. I stumbled upon this quote by Lewis Howes and it really speaks to me. 

“In the past 2 years, 5 years, 10 years of pursuing this dream, look at the relationships I have made, the lessons I have learned, look at how much I have grown. How can I win and make everyone else around me win in whatever that looks like for them? How can I create that? It’s all about what you learn and who you become in pursuit of the dream.”  – Lewis Howes

If I had to pick an influencer, I would say Amy Purdy. She is one of those people who is doing big things and helping others overcome obstacles in profound ways. To be a part of something bigger than yourself is really powerful. 

But impact can start on a more granular level through mentorship. If you are fortunate to meet someone who takes a chance on you, advocates for you, and takes you under their wing, that is where you get your start. If you don’t find that, well then you have to create it.

AMA: What is your proudest professional accomplishment?

C: Branching out into a new industry (financial services) with a role in a creative ad agency. I am absolutely thrilled to have found my way to TD Bank.

AMA: As the AMA’s Social Media Director, what is your favorite social media platform and why?

C: Facebook is the platform I am most familiar with and love the ability to schedule posts!

AMA: What does this AMA recognition mean to you?

C: I am immensely grateful for AMA as it has completely changed the trajectory of my career. AMA has offered me so much and I want to give back by contributing to its growth and success. It is an honor and a privilege to work with such a fantastic group of individuals.

AMA: What interested you to join the AMA Philadelphia Chapter?

C: I was initially interested in the opportunity to enhance my skill set outside of my position of employment. But I discovered so much more through AMA! A professional association that promotes marketing excellence, elevates visionaries, fosters empowerment, inspires a more diverse industry, and ensures marketing research impacts public good is exactly the type of organization I want to be part of.

AMA: What about AMA excites you most?

C: AMA is a transformative organization that positions members to achieve their goals. I’m excited to see how AMA and the chapter evolves.

AMA: Tell us your favorite story with your involvement in AMA.

C: My on-boarding process as a volunteer is my favorite part of my AMA story because that is when I really connected with AMA. It means a lot when someone appreciates your efforts as a volunteer and takes the time to bring you up to speed. It is super motivating and the result is a group of committed volunteers who are at the heart of the organization’s success.

AMA: Why would you recommend someone to join their local AMA chapter?

C: When they say that networking connections can help you land a job, I am a living example of that! My AMA story could be considered a poster-child example of how to catapult in your career and land your dream job. AMA provides resources, education and best practices to empower its members and build confidence. By joining AMA, I was able to improve areas needing development, build relationships within the industry, and showcase my skill set.

Thanks Christine! Great meeting you and congratulations on being this month’s AMA Volunteer Spotlight!