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Tell Us How You Really Feel

Demographic and behavioral analytics traditionally have served as the foundation for delivering personalized, simplified customer experiences that satisfy consumers’ unique needs across multiple channels. These data sources have unlocked a trove of actionable insights into consumer interests, location and brand affinity, allowing marketers—and retailers, in particular—to better personalize the shopping…

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The Biggest Lie in Marketing

A friend recently commented on the hubbub around the Apple Watch (and the wearables category, in general), noting that most of the data provided by these devices is actually useless. Sure, we’re all counting steps and strides and hours slept, but we’re not really doing anything about it. And as…

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The Convergence Conundrum

We live in a cross-platform world. In an age of streaming video and social media, digital content is accessible to consumers in many ways. According to Google Analytics, more than a third of all U.S. consumers own multiple digital devices (desktop/laptop computer, tablet and smartphone) and they seamlessly move from…

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