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A Message to the AMA Philadelphia Community

Across the country, and here in the Philadelphia area, we are witnessing tragic events in the senseless deaths of George Floyd, Ahmaud Arbery, and many others.  These tragedies bring to the forefront the deep inequalities and injustices that Black Americans have faced every day for generations.  They expose the underlying racism, prejudice and privilege that prevent too many people from being treated with the humanity and respect they deserve.

We cannot let this moment pass without each of us examining our own role in how we repair the injustices that exist.  We must come together to build a deeper understanding of issues around social justice and equity for all.

As an organization, and as your fellow marketers, we oppose racism in every form. We are a community that includes people from diverse perspectives and backgrounds. We recognize these differences are what make us a stronger marketing community, and we know we can be better allies to our Black members, colleagues, and friends.

Our Board of Directors is committed to doing better.  We are taking this opportunity to engage in important conversations, reflect, and plan how we can improve in the upcoming board year and beyond.  We recognize that this is not a one time conversation.  As leaders, we are here to serve you and help AMA Philadelphia evolve to be more diverse.  There is more work to do, and we are learning on this journey with you. We can and must do better to guarantee that basic human rights and freedoms are protected.

We want to hear from you. What resources would help you foster productive work conversations, build diverse teams, and create inclusive campaigns? Let us know what programming, content, workshops, or forums would help you most.  Email us at

Let’s make a difference in the City of Brotherly Love together!

Danelle Morrow | Vice President, Marketing Communications & President-Elect and the AMA Philadelphia Board of Directors