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7 Marketing Tips to Kick-Start 2018 from AMA President

Each year ushers in a time of reflection and goal-setting. We have a brief opportunity to look back on the past year, and hopefully apply some lessons learned to the one ahead. Below are a few recommendations to kick-start 2018 and ensure your career development goals are on track!

  1. Sharpen your board room skills
    Demonstrating a strong executive presence is fundamental to projecting your leadership image and crucial for both business and personal success. Join a special AMA workshop on January 8th with Temple professor Melissa Glenn-Fleming to sharpen your communication skills for executive audiences. Learn more
  2. Unleash your internal advocates
    Most marketers do not incorporate employee advocacy into their marketing strategies. We continue to under-utilize this highly valuable and cost-effective channel, while focusing much of our time and budget on content creation for existing channels. Make 2018 the year you tap the potential of employee-generated content (EGC) and leverage their combined networks to amplify your brand message and organic reach.
  3. Recognize rising stars that make you shine
    The all-stars in your organization should be easy to spot. With a can-do, team-oriented attitude, rising stars get the job done with creative solutions while making those around them look and feel great. We owe them more than a solid performance review, and now you can nominate these aces for special recognition among all marketers in our region! Learn more
  4. Nurture existing customers before hunting new ones
    Too often we focus on new customer acquisition and not nearly as much on improving customer loyalty. We know it’s easier, less costly and more valuable to keep current customers happy than finding new ones. So, jump off the hamster wheel for a minute to re-examine your nurture streams and engagement tactics. Invest the time necessary to better understand the journey and experience of your most valuable customers… before someone else does.
  5. Mix business with pleasure
    We all need to do a better job expanding our professional networks. So why not have a bit of fun as well? Mark your calendars now for our next Marketing Mix@6 on January 18 and our annual, fan-favorite Super Bowl Smack Down event on February 7. Learn more
  6. Expand your knowledge of emerging MarTech
    From account based marketing (ABM) and artificial intelligence (AI) to new social platforms and attribution modeling technologies, marketing professionals have much to learn, stay abreast of and share with each other. Join industry experts on these topics and more in our acclaimed Marketing Leadership Series (MLS). Learn more
  7. Give back to our marketing community
    If you want to share your time and talent while expanding your network and collaborating with peers across industries, then consider volunteering with AMA Philadelphia. We have no shortage of initiatives that require great leaders to take our chapter to the next level. Learn more

Thank you again for your continued support and engagement, and best of luck this year!


Bernie Clark, President
American Marketing Association, Philadelphia Chapter