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4 Brands Building Buzz for Super Bowl Smack Down

While sports fans eagerly wait to see their favorite football team take the biggest stage in sports, creative minds get ready to rate their favorite ads on the most watched televised event of the year. It’s game on for brands to flex their most creative ads to generate the most buzz. And with the going rate half of a million dollars more than last year, totaling at $5.6 million for only a 30-second commercial spot, Super Bowl LIV promises to entertain—and market to—a nation hungry for football and clever ads!

So what can we expect to see the first weekend of February? Here are 4 brands to watch during Super Bowl LIV:


Facebook is making its first Super Bowl appearance in 2020 with a 60-second ad. Since the 2016 election scandal, Facebook has been building up its brand reputation with several commercials. Advertisements like “Better Together” takes a relationship building approach to appeal to viewers and makes a promise to take better care of data privacy and “fake news”. With Sylvester Stallone and Chris Rock rumored to star in the Super Bowl ad, should we expect a similar nostalgic approach or something more light-hearted and humorous?

Pop-Tart (Kellog’s) 

Pop-Tart is also making its first Super Bowl appearance. It is said to be running after the two-minute warning before halftime, so make sure you’re on the lookout! This ad will be sure to turn heads with Queer Eye star Jonathan Van Ness in the center of the action. JVN—their better known alias—is a funny and over the top character, so we can be sure to laugh at one! Maybe they’ll show off some of those gymnastics or ice skating skills they tease us with on Instagram.

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Planters (Kraft Heinz) 

Mr. Peanut has been getting a ton of buzz these past couple of days with the #RIPeanut. The iconic 104-year-old mascot became an internet sensation overnight and has been trending on Twitter. The teaser shows Mr. Peanut dying heroically by saving the lives of actors Matt Walsh and Wesley Snipes. The third-quarter, 30-second spot will serve as the funeral for Mr. Peanut. As for the future of Planters, some are predicting some Baby Yoda energy, and maybe we’ll see a Baby Peanut emerge following the Super Bowl.


While the National Football League usually keeps its commercials humorous and lighthearted, this year they’re taking a more serious tone. This commercial aims to plug the NFL’s “Inspire Change” program which includes education and economic advancement, police and community relations, and criminal justice reform. The commercial highlights the story of Corey Jones, cousin to retired NFL receiver Anquan Boldin, who was shot and killed by police while waiting for roadside assistance. This commercial is sure to bring awareness and conversation around police shootings of young black men.

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