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7 Trials and Tribulations Of Email Outreach

It’s the grand old way of getting your website noticed online, but despite its long-in-the-tooth reputation, the effectiveness of email outreach is showing no signs of slowing down – despite what some experts might have us believe. An old-fashioned email campaign can seem like the loneliest method of promotion available…

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5 Signs it’s Time for an Email Marketing Makeover

These days, just about anyone can create and send out email campaigns to their list of prospects. But just because it’s nearly push-button simple to do, doesn’t mean it always gets the results you want. And if your beautifully-designed, precisely-formatted and succinctly-written email went over like a lead balloon, it…

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What Tinder Can Teach Us About Growth Marketing

Just in case you’ve been living under a rock for the past five years, Tinder is a hugely popular mobile dating app that matches potential partners based on user data and proximity. Since the application was launched in 2012, it has experienced explosive growth. Within two years, Tinder boasted 800…

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AMA One Chapter Alliance

AMA Philadelphia Debuts Innovative 'One Chapter Alliance' to Expand Member Benefits and Access to Regional Programming and Events AMA Philadelphia is pleased to announce its participation as a founding member of the AMA One Chapter Alliance, a groundbreaking, multi-regional partnership between four AMA chapters across the Mid-Atlantic and Northeast: Baltimore,…

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5 Post-Purchase Email Campaign Tactics Worth Trying

Woo-hoo! Your team just clinched another new customer. That’s great news. But before you celebrate, think about the next step in the sales process. Communication plays a critical role in fostering customer loyalty. To transform buyers into die-hard advocates, it’s important to improve your post-purchase emails. “For a business to…

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