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What Makes Marketing Strategic?

Everyone in the corporate world today wants to be considered “strategic”—especially marketers. To that effect, some leading Fortune 500 companies have renamed their marketing functions “strategic marketing.” This is especially popular with the consumer product industry and the MBA-laden leading brands. The only problem is that it doesn’t make the…

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Marketing Lessons From March Madness

My name is Dave Rosenberg, and I have a problem: I am addicted to the game of basketball. I played on organized teams from grammar school through college, but when my cross-over dribble wouldn’t cross and no one looked at my “no look” pass, I began to coach—first my daughter…

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The Right Ingredients for a Superior Customer Experience

Customers gravitate to brands that they can trust for good value, great quality and an ideal experience. The environment is ripe for disruptors that can demonstrate—through actions, not words—an insatiable focus on the customer, so ask yourself, Does our brand experience attract customers and earn their loyalty? The challenge for…

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7 Ways That Marketing Can Lead a CRM Turnaround

Customer relationship management projects continue to miss expectations at about the same rate that they have for the past 15 years. From all appearances, more than 50% of CRM projects miss expectations, and about 30% of them fail to generate any ROI at all. In a number of discussions with CMO-level…

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